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Lydia's Massage Clinic offers more than just a massage; it provides an experience that nurtures both the body and soul.


A highly experienced massage therapist with an impressive 16-year practice, renowned for her exceptional work with Sydney's rugby players. With years of expertise as a pain relief specialist massage therapist, she has mastered the art of providing comfort to her clients. Presently, her skills are put to use at the Podiatry Centre within MLC Centre, where she collaborates with podiatrists, serving as a Remedial & Myofascial Massage Therapist. 

  • CIDESCO Certificate

  • Oncology Massage Certificate

  • Lotus Therapy Certificate

  • Foot Reflex Certificate

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    Lydia Kim / Director

    Lydia's Massage Clinic: Where Healing Begins

    Therapeutic massage is a holistic approach to healing that focuses on both the body and mind. It involves the manipulation of soft tissues, muscles, tendons, and ligaments to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and promote overall wellness. By improving blood circulation, releasing tension, and promoting relaxation, therapeutic massages have become an essential part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

    "I envision my clinic as an honest and trustworthy haven, where people's well-being comes before any massage techniques or skills. It is my heartfelt desire to infuse sincerity into my hands, ensuring that every patient receives genuine care and healing during their massage sessions. Trustworthy hands shall form the very foundation of my company, embodying the values of integrity and compassion." 

    -Lydia Kim-



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    Lydia's Massage Clinic understands the importance of human touch. Beyond the physical benefits of massage, the compassionate touch of the therapists instills a sense of comfort and emotional well-being.

    Lydia's Massage Clinic adopts a personalized approach to each client. Before the massage session, the therapists take the time to understand the patient's specific concerns and medical history, ensuring a tailored and effective treatment.


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