Radio Frequency Device


The THERMASEVEN radio frequency machine produces profound warmth through radio frequency technology, promoting the breakdown of body fat and leading to remarkable enhancements in blood circulation. This deep heat gently stimulates the deeper layers of the skin, without causing discomfort or muscular contractions by avoiding stimulation of motor nerves.

Perceptible Effects


Blood Volume Augmentation


Increase in Flexibility of Fibrillar Connective Tissue 

Elevation of Tissue Temperature and Augmentation of Cell Functions

Healty Body

Enhanced Tissue Temperature Rise

This temperature increase leads to heightened chemical reactions.

Boosted Oxygen Utilization and Nutrient Enhancement

The oxidation quotient experiences an increase. Nutritional intake is elevated.

Expanded Blood Vessels

The quantity of blood surges significantly (at temperatures over 42°C, blood volume can increase by 4-5 times compared to resting levels).

Increased Oxygen Delivery

Enhanced supply of oxygen, nutrients, white blood cells, and antibiotics is observed.

Activated Metabolism

Metabolic processes are activated A state of overall balance is attained.

Noticeable Results

Pain relief, Obesity treatment, Skin regeneration & Scalp clinic


Importance of cell massage

The impact of vibration and contraction influences fundamental tissue cells rather than just muscles.

Providing greater and deeper penetration in contrast to mechanical vibration used for muscle massage.

A crucial factor explaining the remarkable impact of RF current on nutrition and overall well-being.


Application of Radio Frequency (RF)

Scalp Care

Addressing Hair Loss, Dandruff, and Gray Hair

Face Care

Targeting Wrinkles, Fine Lines, and Acne, Catering to Sensitive Skin and Pigmentation Concerns, Combatting Blackheads

Body Care

Addressing Cellulite and Constipation, Alleviating Backache and Fat Concerns, Easing Muscle and Joint Pain